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» U N - E X P E C T E D , an exhibition.


U N - E X P E C T E D , an exhibition.

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U N - E X P E C T E D

is an approach that brings forth the tacit relationships formed between people and ordinary objects in our immediate surroundings. It questions our predetermined expectations for certain sequence of events to occur. We expect a vase to be broken when dropped, a container to contain, and a handle sturdy enough to allow us to perform the necessary actions. Nestled within the familiar everyday, we are gradually losing our sense of curiosity towards these seemingly mundane tasks, actions and objects.

In the Design Concepts Module, the third year (15 years old) SOTA students  from the Faculty of Visual Arts were invited to investigate the notions behind an Un-graspable Handle, an Un-containable Container and an Un-breakable Vase. The emphasis of this exercise is on the thinking process; how students approach the brief, ask and formulate fundamental questions leading to meaningful explorations from within.

Through this exhibition, we wish to share the findings and interpretations from the students’ inquiries into our everyday expectations of the un-expected.

Directed by Alvin Ho and Clara Koh.

Venue: SOTA gallery

Opening reception: 3rd February, 630 pm - 9 pm

Exhibition runs from 4th - 19th February 2012

12pm - 9pm daily.

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« mouldy film ~
» U N - E X P E C T E D , an exhibition.