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‘A R R A N G I N G’ an exhibition by Atelier HOKO, Singapore Design Festival 2009.

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Directed by Atelier HOKO, 14 international artists and designers were invited to participate in interpreting and exploring the notions of ARRANGEMENT. The eight month-long process was eventually exhibited in the month of July 2009 at the Substation Gallery, Singapore.

For the second installation of ARRANGEMENT, Atelier HOKO has decided not to exhibit the actual objects from the last presentation and instead, lead the audience to experience the behaviors and aesthetics of arrangement through observations, explorations and narratives. These layers of ‘information’ will be re-presented in the form of books, writings, images, films, and artefacts.  In this manner, arranging remains an intangible condition, drawing the quiet and the quotidian back into our sensibilities.


Date: 20 - 30 November 2009

Time: 10 am - 7 pm

Venue: old city hall main lobby (L1) 

Admission: free

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* H O K O + Takeshi Kuboi will be featuring “stationery-ware” installation at Prints,

Raffles City Shopping Center #B1-23, throughout the duration of the Festival.


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« skytrip studio.
» : on arrangement, review by serendipitous muse blog.