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“It is within the trivialities of everyday, that i find the aesthetics of nothingness.”

“the void, the absence, the space in between co-existing among the common objects.”

“the invisible is much more present than the visible”

“we just have to look beyond the thing-ness of things”



“For, we have lived among thing-ness for so long, that we forget there is nothing…”

The aesthetic of nothingness carries a materiality that consists not in its technique or material base, but in how it succeeds in transforming the place of thing-ness in our everyday.This exteriority of things gives form and directs our experience of the immaterial.

Through the writing of a novel that expounds on the banal everyday, words and images are drawn in reference to the normalcy of our interior dwelling. The experience of the absence, the void and the obscured that defines the non-being of Objects is raised towards a renewed awareness, placing the intrinsic function and physical presence of Objects as indicative and of no importance.

The invisible is always much more present than the visible, and nothingness remains close to us, we just have to look beyond the thing-ness of things.

This project is a realization of a Master’s research thesis at the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 



video, 3 screen installation.

cast: Yasuhito Hirose (Japan), Clara Koh (Singapore)

8 mins 06 secs

music by Aphex Twin, Penty Harmonium from the album, Drukqs


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